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Luggage Tags, Rings, Paper knives and more

Matatabi Products


These Tags are perfect for messenger bags, backpacks and every suitcase. Personalize them with one-of-a-kind luggage tag, Add your contact info with name label so you never lose a bag again. Available in Large (3x1.7x0.2") and Small (2.7x0.9x0.2") Includes a stylish silver strap

Punguin - Scarf Hanger

Penguin hangers are for scarf, ties and small items. Very cute hanger never seen before. 

Fish - Paper Knife

Fish is not just fish. They are fish-like paper knife on the desk. Please find your fish from our fish collection. 

Strand - Accessories

Looking for light accessories ? Strand accessories are perfect choice. All pieces are plastic waste from plastic material factories. Necklace, pierces, bracelet are available.